Responsibilities of the Employer and Employees

Responsibilities of the Employer and Employees

Responsibilities of the Employer

The responsibilities of the concerned employer are as under:

  1. Employer’s representative must remain present at the airport to receive the workers and transport them to designated accommodations.
  2. Inform immediately by phone/fax/e-mail after receiving the workers.
  3. Employer will pay one month salary in advance to each of the worker on their arrival which will be deducted from their salary subsequently.
  4. Arrange furnished accommodation with all utility facilities such as electricity, running water and gas.
  5. Ensure full Security for the workers in the living and working places. Especially for the female workers.
  6. Payment of salary of the worker must be ensured within the first week of each month.
  7. Renew the validity of the passport, residence permit / employment visa of the workers and re-issue if needed at the cost of the employer.
  8. Inform about the renewal of the contract between the employer and the workers after expiry of the initial contract.
  9. Treat workers with honor and dignity.
  10. Provide adequate medical treatments/facilities to the workers in case of any sickness / accident.
  11. Inform immediately if any problem arises due to workers.
  12. Comply with the terms of agreement signed between employer and the workers.
  13. Briefing of the workers about the job, salary, terms and conditions of the employment contracts prior to their departure.
  14. Comply with the terms of agreement signed between employer and the workers.

Responsibilities of the Employees

Employees’ responsibilities are as under:

  1. Maintain job responsibility as per terms and conditions set in the employment contract.
  2. Maintain expected ethical standard
  3. Employees should be loyal to the employer and show modest behaviors to employers and co-workers
  4. Employee should carry out their work properly and earn satisfaction from their employers.
  5. Employee should fully comply with the safety instructions given by the supervisors or authorities.
  6. Employee should acquire sufficient knowledge and skill about handling hazardous equipment and firefighting devices.
  7. Workers should report to their supervisors immediately if they face any difficulty in work place.
  8. Employees should inform their higher-ups if they feel sick or need medical attention
  9. Maintain dress code of the work place
  10. Must obey the rules and regulations of the host country
  11. Ensure cleanliness both in work places and accommodations
  12. Employee should not involve in any political activities
  13. Employees should not involve in any illegal activities punishable in the laws of the host country
  14. And they must refrain themselves from all kinds of organized crime. .
  15. Employee should respect the culture, customs and religion of the host country.



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