Detail Measures

Detail Measures Taken by SAFARI OEP for Unskilled & Semi-skilled Search and selection.

Detail Measures

Detail Measures Taken by SAFARI OEP for Unskilled & Semi-skilled Search and selection.

For the unskilled and semi-skilled people, we judge different aspects of the candidates by conducting interviews, medical tests, and verifying the educational & training certificates.

Upon completion of legal documentation for the appointment of our agency and upon receipt of the power of attorney attested by the Embassy we proceed further. Details of the sequence of actions are mentioned subsequently:

  • Advertising: This position is advertised by us nationwide through leading newspapers and also in our website to attract an extensive pool of the application from which the required number can be provisionally selected.
  • Pre Selection Test: Our pre selection team/ interview board consisting of specialist and the master in their trade do a routine test for eliminating the applicants not meeting the minimum technical knowhow, physical and educational requirement.
  • Final Selection: Employers may select the workers through their selection team and we welcome delegation to visit country of origin of the workers, accordingly we can arrange traveling schedule, hotel arrangement, equipment and tools related with interview and selection of the workers.
  • Medical Examination: Applicants having successfully passed the basic test / primary selection are referred to Combined Military Hospital / approved medical test center for a standard health test to evaluate the health states of the applicants to qualify their fitness.
  • Trade Test: A trade test is given to each individual covering his specific trade. The test includes both theoretical and practical knowledge of the trade such as a leading, handling, identification and manipulation of tools belonging to the specific trade. Detailed knowledge of trade workmanship; trade testing is undertaken in our own technical training center (STTC) which are approved by the government.
  • Safety and Security Training: Applicant will be tested to know if they have sound knowledge of the basic safety regulation as follows:
    • Protective clothing
    • General danger hazards (five dangers)
    • Basic rules and procedure to follow when major accidents occur or during emergencies
    • Specific trade danger hazard
  • Provisions of Copies of Certificates, Diplomas & References: Copies of certificates and diplomas from recognized technical and trade schools as well as certificates of employment reference will be collected during pre-selection and will form part of the personal file of each candidate.
  • Health Certificates: Vaccination prescribed by medical authorities of this country and by the world health organization forms a part of documentation of employee.
  • Deployment: After receiving the original work permit within 21 days, we organize the traveling ticket, documents, and send prior information flight details to the employer.
  • Rejection of Work Permit: If any applicant name is found black listed or rejected from immigration due to any reason, we bear the expenses of Govt. fees.
  • Necessary Belonging: We provide safety shoes & tools, which are not available at job site.
  • Probationary Period Guarantee: We follow 3 months probationary period. During this period, we take responsibilities of the following – unfit workers, refusal workers and bear all repatriation expenses. We will cooperate and assist if any dispute arises between the employer and the employee during their contract period from arrival till the end of contract.
  • Application for visa: We may apply for visa in case of block/bulk visa if the country in which the workers are traveling has an Embassy in Pakistan. This is the prevalent practice. The employer may obtain NOC/Work Permit/Visa advice for the selected workers. In case there is no Embassy in Pakistan of particular country, it is the responsibility of the Employer to obtain necessary visa for traveling & entry to his country.

Ticketing & Immigration formalities:

The employer may send PTA/ E-Ticket for the employee or remit necessary traveling expenses in favor of us. If employers do not provide joining air ticket, workers will pay for joining air ticket. We will obtain Immigration clearance from the concerned Govt. Departments of Pakistan & arrange Air Ticket for the selected workers.



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